In preparation for the portal's launch in 2010, over the next three months this web page will provide online demos of the portal's key functionality for trainers and the details for upcoming web-based training sessions. If you have any further questions please email the Colles Portal team at

To view a demonstration of some of the functionality the portal will provide to trainers please click on the animation link below. Furthermore some Frequently Asked Questions for this innovative tool are listed at the bottom of this page.

Video Demonstration

Trainers F.A.Q



Who will responsible for supporting your use of the Colles portal?
When the portal goes live in 2010, it will your trainees responsibility to ensure that you, trainer can use the portal. Once the portal is launched we have advised trainees that they should schedule time with you to step through the portal's key functionality. Furthermore in advance of key upcoming deadlines such as the submittal of CAPA assessments, we have advised trainees that they schedule time with you to meet and step through the functionality that must be completed in the portal. Trainees have been notified that it is their responsiblity to ensure that their trainer can submit trainee assessments using the portal and that if this fails to happen this will adversely affect their training record.
What functionality will the Colles portal provide to trainers?
In the case of a trainer, here is a sample of the functionality the portal will provide;
  • General functionality
    • View the training and assessment history for all trainees.
    • View the inspection and trainee allocation history for all training posts.
    • Publish your profile (your contact information, interests and availability to train etc). View other user profiles.
  • Trainee assessments
    • View the detailed historic assessments for your current and your last trainees.
    • Complete online assessment forms for your trainees.
    • As an assessment panel member, view the detailed assessments and assessment outcome for each trainee in the session.
  • Matching trainees to posts
    • If your specialty chooses to use the portal's ranking system, then you can rank the trainees who are interested in your training posts and trainees will be matched to posts based on this ranking.
    • Or your Programme Manager can simply allocate trainees to posts.
  • Inspecting training posts
    • If you are an inspector, you can complete and submit an online inspection report in the portal.
    • You can request an inspection of one of your training posts or of your hospital.
  • If you are a committee member
    • You can view the agenda, documents, tasks to be completed etc for each of your committee meetings.
    • Confirm your attendance or submit apologies for future meetings.
  • If you enrol in CME,
    • RCSI activities are automatically added to your profile, thus reducing the administrative burden of CME.
    • You can record non-RCSI activities.
    • View your status versus CME requirements.