Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers Frequently Asked Questions that are generic to the Colles system. FAQs which relate to specific types of users are answered on the screen corresponding to the ussr type.

Further FAQs will posted on this website over the next 2 months


What is the Colles portal?
The Colles Portal is a web-based system to support the competency development and assessment of surgical trainees. It is an information system that provides users with access to the information and enables them to carry out the steps they need to take to support surgical training. The portal's primary functionality is to support the processes of training post management, accreditation and inspection, the allocation of trainees to training posts, trainee assessments, committees and CME. Because the portal will integrate all the key processes of surgical training, for the first time all these processes can now inform each other eg. trainee historic performance can be an input for training post accreditation.
Who will use the Colles portal?
The portal will provide extensive functionality to a range of different users from trainees, to trainers, to Programme Directors, to Inspectors, to Specialty Advisory Committees, to the Medical Council, and to the HSE medical manpower managers.
How do you log into the Colles portal?
Once the portal goes live in 2010, on a computer, just open a web browser (Internet Explorer etc), browse to and then enter the user name and password that will be sent to you over the next few months, and click "log in".